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International award winning Weisbeck Design

contact us at mdweisbeck@cs.com

3105 Rte. 26, Climax, NY 12042




Husband and wife international award winning sculpture team, Mark and Diane Weisbeck are native New Yorkers. The Weisbecks were the only artists in the world invited by the government of China to represent New York State in the Beijing, China Olympics Landscape Sculpture Competition. The Weisbecks’ sculpture design, “The Celebration of Ren,” (people), was voted on by the citizens of China and won the prestigious “Excellent Works” Award. The Weisbecks are true ART Olympians.


The Weisbecks have been commissioned to create large scale public sculptures for the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Department of State. (Commissioned at $100,000.00 and $70,000.00 respectively.) To create these major sculpture installations the Weisbecks dialogued with citizens within the community, architects, local and state government officials, contractors, business leaders, structural engineers and all commissioning bodies.

Other major works have been designed and created for the city of Changchun, in the Jilin province located in northern China, where the sculpture, "The Expanding Influence of Peace," stands at 33 feet in the worlds\' largest sculpture park. The Weisbecks have created many sculptures for the hospitality and healthcare industries.  Interior and exterior wall mounted metal wall sculptures can also be found in numerous corporate settings.  A recent 3-D wall sculpture, “Visibility Unlimited,” crafted using reclaimed, vintage jet and airplane car hood ornaments won the BEST PRODUCT of 2015, announced by the Design Journal in February, 2016. Their "Celebration of Diversity" sculpture won the 2016 ADEX sculpture award.


The Weisbecks design all sculptures with site specific integrity, to fit perfectly within the environment and complement all surrounding spaces. They envision 

safe, dramatic, contemporary, graceful, destination point public and private works of art that speak to the viewer on a supremely positive level. Engaging each

individual with a positive and optimistic point of view is as important as beauty.