Art-Way is corporate way finding sculptural signage which promotes the corporate image with sensitivity toward branding, identity, vibrancy and public art. With a spirit not found in basic 2-D corporate logo signage, Art-Way radiates a vitality and interaction with the public while branding the company’s logo in an exciting 3-D public art presentation that adds to marketing the brand.


Suitable for interior or exterior spaces, for boardrooms, conference rooms, atriums, and reception areas as well as outdoor building walls and entry ways, Art-Way is a sculptural, artistic, way finding solution. Patinaed brass and beautiful domestic and international dyed, patterned, colored and textured stainless steel are used to create original, vibrant and dimensional corporate logos which blur the boundaries between corporate identity, branding, way finding and sculpture, as well as commercial marketing. Each is designed specifically for the individual client.


Weather resistant and maintenance free, these materials will not rust or deteriorate. Weisbeck Design presentations includes placing three different signage concepts onto the site specific space using Photoshop.


Meant to be cost efficient as well as beautiful, pricing starts at $6000 for a 3 ft. x 4 ft. exterior Art-Way corporate way finding sculpture sign.


Winner of the Platinum Award Best Product 2016 by the Prestigious Design Journal

Image shown is an ART SIGN for a jewelry boutique on E. 57th St., Billionaire's Row in New York City.